What They’re Saying About Us


Where should I start with the wonderful care that our 92 yr. old father has received from the “Jubilee Lodge”?

I will start at the beginning…after a few serious falls my father went into Long Term Care after living with us for a few years. It was difficult to trust that the staff would be able to give him the 24/7 care he deserved. That was almost 4 yrs. ago! The care and dedication to my father that the Jubilee has provided is beyond what our family could have wished for.

Adam made us feel welcomed and that the Lodge was a good match for our father. Brenda and the Recreation Team are masters at figuring out what makes each and every resident tick! Brenda has gone above and beyond keeping us connected even before the chaos of Covid! The team truly makes him feel that he is at home. The Doctors continually work to perfect his care needs and tweak medications. The Rehabilitation team and Dietitian are continually working to adjust programs and supplements as his needs change. The kitchen staff create delicious meals and the serving staff are well aware of his favorites! The Caregivers do an amazing job attending to our father and ensuring he is as content as possible. He has even created a special bond with the maintenance crew as that was his profession in Edmonton in years passed. Administration has done an amazing job juggling all of the balls thrown at them! We will always be grateful that we chose the Jubilee Lodge, as was our Aunt’s family!

– Lorraine Phillips

Testimonial of Wm. Bruce Patterson for our mother Belle Ann Patterson

As a loved one enters continuing care, family members will have many emotions and concerns that their loved one will receive the care and attention they deserve. This pandemic has also brought forward a critical review of care for those receiving continuing care.

For our family, the staff of Jubilee lodge have shown a very high level of very compassionate and full care for mother. The entire staff were always professional, kind, and truly caring of the residents. Our mother was always happy and comfortable. There was always strong communication with our family for any changes, or adjustments in care, making us feel extremely comfortable with mom’s time at the Jubilee Lodge. This level of care and compassion remained even as the staff of Jubilee faced this taxing pandemic. We continue to be so grateful for every member in every role at the Jubilee.

For our family this was the second time we have been a part of the Jubilee Lodge as my grandmother (mom’s mom) was also a resident. Again, receiving a high level of care and comfort.

It is because of the work of everyone associated with the Jubilee Lodge that I am able to offer this testimonial.

– Wm. Bruce Patterson

Both my mom and dad are lucky to be living at the Jubilee Lodge. Both have flourished during their time there. My dad arrived in January 2020, just before COVID began and during the long lockdowns our family totally trusted that he was receiving the best care possible. The staff at Jubilee Lodge went to extreme measures to keep their residents connected to their families – with face time calls, printed and delivered emails, phone calls, and weekly communication with families on the protocols, procedures and the status of the Lodge residents. We family members felt informed at all times throughout the many difficult months.

Our family have all found the Jubilee Lodge staff to be not only hard working, but kind, compassionate and caring professionals. Both mom and dad have made huge physical improvements during their time spent at the Lodge. My dad’s reviews of the meals served are generally favourable and my mom loves her meals and eats heartily.

Jubilee Lodge has a varied and very creative approach to recreation and activities for their residents. The calendar is full of daily events to meet the interests of all residents – games, current events, happy hours with live music and beverages, church services, monthly birthday teas and special events to celebrate holidays. Other special events involve and engage all residents such as the 2021 Olympics, the 2021 Carnival, and the 2021 Tim Hortons booth. The residents love to be involved!!

My four siblings and I agree that our parents could not be living in a better facility. Thank you Jubilee Lodge for all you do to keep everyone safe, healthy and happy.

– Judy B.

Jubilee Lodge can only be described as a wonderful and caring place. The staff from every department are knowledgeable and most professional. They greet residents and visitors with genuine warmth and kindness. It is very apparent that all residents receive exceptional care!

As a family, we feel communication is very detailed and informative. We appreciate the time spent by staff creating and forwarding that information. There are SO many programs/activities that keep residents engaged. It really makes Jubilee a vibrant and exciting place. It is our home away from home!!

– Adrienne Boon

It feels safe here. We are always entertained and there is lots to do.

Everybody is very thoughtful and they really care. They all have great patience.

Other than my own home, I wouldn’t want to be in any other place than here. It’s the best place to be.

– Pinkie R.

I would like to add my testimony regarding my mother’s care at the Jubilee. When she arrived at the Jubilee last fall, we were uncertain that she would live through the week. After a fall, and spending several weeks on a transition unit at U of A, she was unable to talk, walk or feed herself and barely responded. Within two weeks of amazing care on first floor North, we began to see changes. She slowly began to respond to us, made efforts to eat and started to learn to use a wheel chair to the limit of her abilities. The staff were so nurturing and caring with her and were as happy as we were when she began to help herself. She still does not eat well but it is progression of her disease. The staff still encourage her to eat and drink. Take her to activities. She is always cleaned and cared for. Mom is content and happy and for that we are so grateful. All the staff, despite their heavy work loads make time for the residents, speak to them all by name and always make time for our questions and concerns. We moved mom to second floor N in the new year, not because of her care but for a bit more space as her room was so tiny with two ladies needing lifts and chairs. There was little room for us to visit in the room which worried us in the event they were isolated again. We were sad to leave the staff on 1N but the care is good on 2N as well. The recreation staff, physio, dietitians, kitchen staff are all involved in her care and are always available for our concerns. We see the building being maintained on a regular basis. We would not hesitate to refer others to the Jubilee.

The fact that mom is safe and well cared for let’s us all sleep at night – we are so grateful. Thank you all for doing all that you do, it is most appreciated.

Marlee Konash (Mary Mitchell’s daughter)