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Available to all residents at Jubilee Lodge, our newsletter is a great way to keep everyone informed and up to date.  Check out our most recent newsletter – Summer 2024.

Continuing Care and COVID-19

Health Quality Council of Alberta Quality Exchange focuses on how residents and families were supported during COVID-19 at a selection of continuing care sites across Alberta. Watch the below video to see how Jubilee Lodge managed challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Albertans are learning to live and deal with this unanticipated and evolving challenge. We highly support Alberta Health Services recommended vaccination for Albertans, particularly those involved in providing or receiving continuing care services and working with individuals at high risk. We are committed to protecting the safety and welfare of our staff and residents, and continue to implement the following government directives and measures:

Visiting Policy

  • Visitors are no longer limited in number, and the wearing of a mask is optional.

Operational and Outbreak Standards

  • Situation specific isolation and quarantine requirements remain.
  • Outbreak procedures will continue to be followed.

Spotlight on Staff

We are fortunate to have dedicated and highly-qualified staff at Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home. We would like to introduce you to
Bonnie Hoyer – Director of Care/Site Manager.

Of my 26 years of being an RN, I spent the first 9 years working in acute care at the University of Alberta hospital on a variety of medicine units and on an extremely busy and complex-care cardiac surgery unit. I joined the Jubilee Lodge team in 2006 looking for a new challenge and I was not disappointed. Long Term Care has presented me with the ability to advocate for high quality of care for our senior population and has been an extremely rewarding experience. My days in cardiac surgery, while exciting and challenging, were filled with high pressures to move patients out in order to make space for more patients to come in. Jubilee Lodge is a place where we open our arms to welcome new residents in and do our best to keep them here for as long as possible, while providing them with as many meaningful experiences as we possibly can. With the help of my dynamic, well trained and compassionate interdisciplinary team we encourage and advocate for resident-focused care, ensuring family and friends feel welcome and included in everything that we do. I trust this team to provide the absolute best care to each and every resident, treating them as they would any member of their own family. It has been an honor to serve the Jubilee Lodge residents and families and my goal is to continue making a positive difference in the lives of any residents that choose to accept our care.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A little boy visits his farmer grandpa and watches him milk the cows.

The next day one of the cows runs away and grandpa is really upset about it.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa,” says the boy helpfully, “she can’t have gone very far with an empty tank!”